Compliance and Safety

CBD Oil Manufacturing

As a new industry emerging on the front lines, CBD manufacturing and wholesaling has a lot of hazards from harsh chemicals that employees are exposed to. These can include falls, tripping, and slipping and more. Mountain West Labs understands that there is a strong commitment to being safety compliant with OSHA Standards and that this is the foundation of being successful at manufacturing. At Mountain West Labs, we strive to make sure that each and every decision that is made in business is guided by a commitment to operate with the highest safety standards. This is the best way to provide a clean and safe workplace that is healthy for everyone. It also helps to protect the environment and the natural resources that are located within the local community. Just as we’re committed to safely operating and complying with the local applicable laws and regulations, we also expect and appreciate the cooperation and commitment from our vendors.

Licensing And Certification For Hemp Manufacturing Facilities

Looking at the quality of all of our products, if you’ve ever purchased a product from our company we can look back and see exactly which stock it was purified from. At Mountain West, we follow ISO quality standards 9001:2015 and this is a great manufacturing practice cGMP. Additionally, we’ve obtained a license in Utah that is vital to the companies allowing us to process hemp as a food product.

We encourage all of our customers to make sure that the manufacturers and the wholesalers are all following the proper compliance programs that accept industrial feedstock. This also follows the ISO guidelines. There have been issues that the feedstock doesn’t qualify as hemp.