CBD Oil Drop Shipping

Learn About Our CBD Product Drop Shipping Services

If you want to use a strong trading network to fill all of your trading requirements and needs, then you should team up with the country’s foremost wholesaler of hemp supplements.

Here at our establishment, we do drop shipping for businesses online and off. If you partner up with us, then you can store your entire product line in some of our warehouse space, so that we can fulfill any client orders you have for you.

Using the drop shipping services we offer means that you eliminate every warehouse cost that you have, and inventory management becomes a breeze. It only takes one email into our state-of-the-art fulfillment system to see your products get shipped directly to your clients, and you can still track the shipping costs involved in the order fulfillments.

What Should You Expect With Our Wholesale Dropshipping?

Just fill out the partner form we have to submit your own company’s information. In order for us to dropship for you, it’s essential that you have a domestic address within the United States for returns. We’ll contact you promptly in order to go over a few things with you, including the verification of your submitted information, getting to know a bit more about your business, and then answering any questions you still have regarding our dropship program.

After that, we can email you a copy of our catalog as well as our wholesale agreement. That agreement has to be signed prior to anything happening with your drop ship account. Once you sign and then enter your drop shipping agreement involving us, then you can start incorporating our various products into the different trading channels that you have and then begin sending our fulfillment system orders.

You’re responsible for the creation of your imagery and descriptions for your products. Even though we recommend going over our own descriptions so that you can write yours with accuracy, we ask that you please avoid copying things verbatim. Also, your distinct product descriptions are going to do better ranking on search engines, and that helps you get more online traffic.

Put your orders together in our online portal. We’ll make you a login you can use once you sign and submit the previously mentioned agreement. We do charge for each submitted order. There are multiple payment methods you can use, which can all be reviewed with your sales rep. We then ship those orders to the associated clients. Every shipping label gets customized so it represents only your business. You can log back into the portal at any time to find out the tracking numbers for the shipped orders. Success! You now are able to trade the best-selling and most popular hemp supplements and products, free of having to pay warehouse costs and deal with the hassles of inventory management. If you’re at all interested in our drop shipping services, then contact us immediately in order to get started.

How To Start Ordering Private Label Or Hemp CBD Oil Wholesale

Start by filling out and then submitting our no-obligation form provided below. Once you do this, one of our marking specialists is going to get in touch with you in order to finalize any necessary details and also to answer any questions that you might have. Your order will ship immediately. Please be advised that you will need to be in possession of a legally appropriate trading license in compliance with the state and federal laws that pertain to you and your business. International clients also have to verify their proper licensing and legality in accordance with their own domestic regulations and laws.