Mountain West Labs Manufacturing

Have you been looking to create supplements custom-tailored to your needs? If you haven’t heard of Mountain West Laboratories, then you haven’t heard of the best in the business of custom-made supplements. We’ve been working for over two decades to help our customers find exactly what they need.

Private Label Supplement Manufacturing

There are several companies that can help with skin care. It’s fairly easy to get affordable skin care and create private labeling for your very own brand. We have our signature stock formulas that are always popular, or we can help provide fully or partially customized formulas if that’s what you require.

When we say “custom formulation”, we don’t mean throwing together things that we think you need. It requires understanding what you’re looking for and building a formula from that. In order to do that, you have to consider what the product is trying to accomplish. Mountain West Labs is here to help you put together the perfect product based on your own personal designs. It’s important to remember that our goal is to create your custom skin care formula. We don’t want to create something that we think you’ll like, we want to make the thing you want. A Full Custom solution is able to meet your vision and needs quicker and at a more affordable rate. How? Because the product is available already. The only thing missing is fragrance!

Private Label Manufacturing by Mountain West Labs also offers a number of white label products. These are made with actives that meet our incredibly high standards of quality, which means you can count on them to do their job.

We can provide custom or stock skin care products and produce them with your private label.

We offer compounds derived from natural products, such as vitamins, essential oils, and herbal extracts.

We offer paraben-free formulas.

We can manufacture skin care products quickly enough to adjust to the latest trends in consumer purchases.

Our quantity minimums are low, even for our specialized skincare products.

We provide production amounts from short-run all the way up to high capacity.

Our facility is fully-integrated with production as well as R&D prototype run equipment.

We can evaluate the raw material available in order to ensure your products are the highest quality and efficiency possible.

We have a highly-trained quality control department that ensures our process is closely followed.

Taking part in our custom formulation program may present a number of financial opportunities, but that’s not all you get. Developing your own signature product allows you to build brand identity. People will remember your signature supplement, which in turn builds client loyalty. You can read more about our system for contract manufacturing by checking out this week’s blog post.

Growth of Private Labeling

Our custom formulation program started small. Over the past 15 years, it’s managed to grow organically, needing only a small amount of effort from us. Part of this has to do with our reputation. We’ve been working for over 20 years to ensure we offer a high standard of quality. However, market forces also play a major role. Health care practitioners believe in our product. That helps gives them a certain amount of respect and credibility. Thanks to that credibility, customers know that we can provide high-quality custom formulations.

Feel free to compare our product minimums compared to the other industry product minimums. We offer the lowest minimums on things like tablets, chewables, capsules, and more. Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered and follow all GMP guidelines, which means you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that your custom formulation process is secure. It’s simple to create your own custom formula. Our services are personalized to help you find what you need and get exactly what you want.

Custom Design

You can absolutely build your brand without a custom supplement design if you so choose. It’s simple enough, and our private label program can offer you low minimums and a simple, streamlined process for getting set up.

Our online Private Label Creator tool gives you complete control over your graphics. By taking a few short, simple steps you can have your own perfect label design. Once you’ve set up your own label or formula – or both if you really want to build your brand – Mountain West Laboratories can help you with free promotional materials. Getting fast quotes and high-quality designs mean you’ll get fast results.

Mountain West Laboratories proudly offers:

Truth in labeling

Guaranteed level of quality and potency

Marketing support

Consulting services

Quick turn-around

Stylish designs

We want to work with you to help you grow your private label business. Grow with us and let us help you build up brand identity and loyalty.