Various Health Benefits Of CBD Oils

26 December 18

Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids and CBD is one of them. A lot of research has been done on CBD largely due to a variety of medical applications. However, the massive interest generated in cannabidiol or CBD is more due to its other qualities than just its well-known therapeutic qualities. It is worth pointing out here that CBD does not give that high associated with cannabis which means it is a completely safe and useful option for medical patients as many patients might choose to not use the substance due to the mind altering prospects that are often associated with THC as well as other cannabinoids.

If the proportion of CBD dominates an oil, it is typically known as CBD oil. However, you should know that the exact ratio of CBD and THC in an oil can vary and it mostly depends on the manufacturer or the maker of a particular product. In any case, it has been proven that CBD oil offers a number of benefits and can help a broad range of patients live a much better quality of life. Here’s a list of some of the major benefits of CBD oil as experienced by various users.

Reduction in Pain

Though CBD has a number of well-known benefits, it won’t be wrong to say that providing relief from pain is one of its most known benefits. It is believed that CBD provides relief from pain and inflammation by working in conjunction with immune receptors and brain. A research study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine and various other journals has confirmed that CBD oil can help in lowering inflammation in rats and mice. However, these benefits are not just limited to rodents. A study done in 2008 has shown that CBD offers effective pain relief without the side effects associated with other common treatment methods.

Relief from Seizures

Seizures happens due to massive change in the electrical activity in the brain. There have been many notable cases recently where CBD has proven to be highly effective in fighting seizures. However, it is only recently that firm connection has been established by scientists in this regard. The New England Journal of Medicine has published a random, double-blind, placebo involved trial regarding the effectiveness of CBD on patients suffering from Dravet syndrome. In this condition, patients suffer epileptic seizures in the presence of fever. The participants in the study experienced major drop in the seizure frequency when given CBD.


CBD has proven to be a great means to address a variety of physiological manifestations, but there is a growing body of research which shows that it is equally effective in treatment of a variety of mental health issues and anxiety is one of them. Research done at the University of Sao Paulo has shown that CBD effectively lowers subjective types of anxiety. Researchers have suggested that it can be used to help people with social anxiety disorder as it has a positive impact on the limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain.

Cancer Fighting Effects

Some research studies have shown that it can be highly effective in fighting against cancer. CBD as well as other active components in cannabis have shown to contain a cancer fighting component that boosts the death of tumor cells in patients suffering from colon cancer and leukemia. Some studies have also shown that CBD can be effective in preventing spread of cancer in patients suffering from cervical cancer.

It is to be noted that all the CBD studies that involve cancer patients are pre-clinical which means these studies have not been performed on human subjects. In simple terms, it means that the preliminary findings do not offer scientifically conclusive evidence when it comes to anti-cancer effectiveness of CBD.

Lowering the Danger of Diabetes

CBD oil may also help in cutting down the risk of diabetes though it’s not really known for that. A study published in the journal Neuropharmacology outlines the research done by scientists wherein they studied the impact of CBD on female mice disposed to developing diabetes but these mice were not obese. The study found that only 32% of the mice ultimately developed diabetes when given CBD even though all of the untreated mice in the study had this condition.

Simply put, CBD oil has a lot to offer to the medical world. It offers highly effective treatments for a vast variety of health complaints. The above mentioned benefits do not list all the exciting possibilities of CBD oil though it does outline some of the most important ways in which it can be used productively.

Using Cannabis to Address Sleep Problems
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Since everyone is different and responds differently to various trains, it is important for each individual to get a complete assessment from a Canabo Cannabinoid Specialist to get recommendations on the right strain and dosage.