How can your business find a legitimate manufacturer of CBD oil?

24 December 18

The time has finally come where hemp is legal at a federal level, meaning a growing number of folks are now exploring CBD oil business possibilities. This can be a very profitable thing to do, but it’s essential that you choose a good source to get CBD oil from. If you don’t pick someone good, you might actually wind up losing money. When you establish your business, you need to be sure that you have a relationship with a reliable manufacturer to make sure any products you sell are worth having your name on them. You can’t run the risk of a substandard product ruining your business brand.

Not every manufacturer has the same level of products and services. You need to be patient in looking through this. Read all the fine print. Ask great questions. Emphasize the little things so that you can ensure you really know what you’re getting into. Don’t rush through any step, and be sure you jot down a lot of notes prior to making a final decision. You should come back to your notes frequently so that you’re able to be successful. Companies which have clear policies regarding ordering and manufacturing agreements will do so to protect themselves and their clients.

The following are a number of important things you need to consider when you are on the hunt for a legitimate manufacturer of CBD oil for your business. Start out using these basic steps, and never hesitate to ask even more questions so you can learn all the potential information you can about a given company. With more information, you’ll be better equipped to make great choices and put your business in a great position to start.

The Importance Of FDA Registration

It’s crucial that you put in the necessary time to research which company is right to do business with. You need to be sure that you’re picking a manufacturer who is FDA-registered. Never settle for anything else. Any manufacturer that has registered with the FDA is showing that they’ve taken the right steps in terms of legalities which makes sure their products are safe. Anyone registered has worked hard to provide you safe and legal products that you’d like to associate yourself with.

A lot of other people trying to break into this line of business assume that most manufacturers just do this on their own, when they actually don’t. That’s why you always need to verify that FDA registration has not only happened, but it also real. Verifying this will only take a few moments of your time, and it’s something that might just make or break things for you. If you’re looking at a company that isn’t registered with the FDA, or worse, lying about it, move on to someone that is legitimate. It’s well worth your time and effort to find someone that can provide great products to you, because you’ll be dealing with someone that makes sure your money spent with them is worth it.

Proof Of Insurance

Are they insured? Can you confirm this? They should have liability insurance that covers their products and much more.

Actual Cleanrooms And Manufacturing Machines

Can you verify their cleanrooms? What about their machines? Are they really their’s? Are they in-house?

Their Pricing Levels

Prices for various CBD oil products are honestly going to differ between most manufacturers. Having said that, once you look up enough prices, you’ll start seeing the market standards. You can use this information to make sure a manufacturer is charging in line with going rates and not trying to rip you off. For that market research to be accurate though, you need to check their pricing against comparable products, not just any products. Some manufacturers will charge more, so you need to find out if they’re overcharging or if they’re doing something that makes it worth it.

In general, though, you’ll only get what you’re actually paying for. Underpriced products aren’t likely to be pure. Overpriced products, on the other hand, are probably going to be something that doesn’t meet your needs or expectations.

Price differences often show you what a manufacturer is or isn’t. Companies and wholesalers might say they are or represent a private label. Typically, these aren’t manufacturers that have registered with the FDA or can provide any proof of cleanrooms or in-house machinery. Asking them for a visit and a tour will tell you a lot. Also look into the specific forms of payment that manufacturers are willing to accept. Not every one of them will take all payment forms, as indeed, some just can’t, but you need to make sure that whatever manufacturer you choose to work with is willing to take the form that you plan on using with them. The majority of contract manufacturers use wire/ACH as a primary form of accepting payment given the volumes they deal with in terms of highly-priced orders.

The Year They Started Operations And Their Reputation

If you can, you should pick a manufacturer that’s been doing business for a while. Otherwise, you’re risking doing business with some startup that might be a flash in the pan and disappear overnight. Someone that’s been doing business for many years likely has made a great name for themselves, and their stellar reputation is likely reflected by great reviews and testimonials from many previously satisfied customers. Do your due diligence and emphasize spending time on reading reviews from a number of various sources so that you can see what customers might have to say regarding any particular manufacturer that you’re considering. Learn the date the manufacturer started up. They may or may not state that in About Us parts of their website. In terms of our CBD Oil Manufacturer, we’ve been in business and going strong since 2015.

If you wind up finding many negative reviews, especially those ranked 3 stars or less, then keep hunting. Many wonderful manufacturers in the market have generated 4- and even 5-star reviews for good reason. They’ve primed themselves as successful industry leaders since they focus on delivering great product to many of their customers. Happy customers love spreading great word of mouth about great manufacturers, so look out for those kinds of customers so their reviews can point you in the right direction. Eventually, you’ll notice trends leading you to specific manufacturers that are likely to be good companies.

Get To Know Your Manufacturer

Once again, you should know that the current CBD oil market has quite a few manufacturers. On the other hand, you should be sure that whoever you choose to deal with is definitely a full-fledged manufacturer. Be sure that their CBD oils are free of THC and broad-spectrum. A legitimate manufacturer of CBD oil is going to provide you THC-free, high-caliber products. CBD oil coming from hemp seeds is by nature free of THC. Remember, a reputable and reliable manufacturer can, on request, provide you incontrovertible proof that they are indeed in the business of manufacturing. Get photos from them to prove it. Be sure they really do what they say and they’re not just making middleman deals with someone else’s stuff. If that’s how they operate, find someone else entirely.

Many ‘fly by night’ makers are just running things in someone’s basement. They might even know where they’re getting their product from. Asking pertinent questions can tell you a lot, such as where they source their product, where they do their manufacturing, and how long they’ve been doing business. Vague answers without sufficient details or clarifications are reason enough to do business with someone else. You don’t want to take pharmaceuticals someone made in their basement. The same goes for CBD oils too.

Find Out The Delivery Times

How much time will pass between you ordering CBD oil products and you actually receiving them? An appropriately certified and licensed facility that’s close by is going to be someone that can likely pull their products off of a shelf and deliver quickly. Even if they’re only able to provide small samples immediately, it shouldn’t take more than a few days. Larger orders might need more time. Ask them what kind of delivery they use, such as USPS, a private firm, a local trucking company, or some other kind of delivery service. Such questions can lead you to figure out what you should anticipate when you place your next order. Good turnaround times for many companies will be two or three weeks after getting payment.

Never neglect reading reviews on this front. Customers might complain about their delivery times being slow. Also, see if customers might be complaining about products getting delivered that aren’t what they ordered or wanted. Misrepresented products are another sign you need to look somewhere else.

Check Out Their COA

If you want to get a pure product, then you’ll need to check out their COA, which is a certificate of analysis. What are the potency and purity levels like? Any legitimate and above board company isn’t going to exaggerate their information or claims. Look for any discrepancies in the amounts that you can order. Can you possibly order large amounts but then only receive a partial order? If this happens, then you need to choose someone else.

If they lack the ability to produce a full order, then that not only tells you that they’re saying more than they can actually do, and their small-scale is likely working out of a storage facility or even a basement or garage. Certification and verification of the certification tells you that a business is totally legitimate.

Other Pertinent Considerations

Prior to settling for one manufacturer of CBD oils for your company, you should sit down for a few minutes to come up with a list of all the questions you want to ask that company. These questions and their answers are like a first date or job interview you use to see if they’re worth a business relationship or not. The following include some sample questions you might ask, but you can change them based on your own specific business and potential needs. Never fear or hesitate to ask questions, and also be sure you get actual answers to your queries.

Do you have facility photos I can see?

Can I physically tour your facility?

How long does it take from ordering product to actual delivery?

What’s your product purity?

Can I look over your product COA?

Are you registered with the FDA?

Where can I find reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers?

What payment methods do you offer?

How small a batch can I order?

How big can my orders go?

You deserve and even in fact need satisfactory answers to all of these questions and more prior to choosing the right company. Just a few minutes of hitting them with good questions can go a long way in guiding your business to the best CBD oil manufacturer.

It’s going to take time and effort to find the right CBD oil manufacturer. Write down both your goals and questions to find good answers and the best possibilities on the current market. This might not be easy, and it’s certainly not something you want to take lightly. Put in the time necessary to learning all you can, and don’t just choose anyone.

Your business should always reflect a good name, and so you need to be able to trust a reputable, reliable, FDA-registered manufacturer for your CBD oil products. Keep in mind, this is going to be your business, and you want it to be successful. Your research needs to reflect your business goals and good values. Never settle for anything less than the best. Legitimate manufacturers of CBD oils stand out from the pack, and you can find them among the not-so-good competition. Legitimacy is essential so that you can partner your business with someone in confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

Learn About Our CBD Oil Manufacturer

Our CBD Oil Manufacturer has a history of manufacturing various CBD Hemp products dating back to March of 2015. We became a DBA of Silver Shadow Ventures in January of 2018 when they bought us. We believe our online reputation to be stellar, as is theirs, given both evidence from customer reviews and third-party lab results.