How Hemp & CBD Oil Can Help With Pain

01 October 18

How Hemp & CBD Oil Can Help With Chronic Pain From Sports to Arthritis

Living with chronic pain will change many aspects of your life. It may interfere with how you organize your day, where you can go, the activities that you engage in, and how you interact with members of your family. While it might feel lonely sometimes, it is important to understand that you are not alone.

The American Academy of Pain Medicine estimates that more than 100 million people throughout the United States experience widespread chronic pain. For most people, the pain doesn’t have a definitive source, which makes it harder to diagnose and treat.

Pharmaceutical solutions and painkillers, are not always the best way to treat chronic pain even when FDA-approved. Scientists have actually been looking for newer and more effective sources of relief. It seems that they might have actually found it, in the form of hemp and CBD oil. The increased acceptance of cannabis as well as its byproducts for use in medical applications has led to further research into the use of CBD for treating chronic pain with promising results.

The Science behind Hemp and CBD Oil

Cannabinoids generally work differently than other analgesics. Researchers in a study released by the Journal of Experimental Medicine noted that the administration of cannabidiol (CBD), which is a major component of marijuana, as well as its modified derivatives can significantly suppress chronic neuropathic and inflammatory pain without causing analgesic tolerance in rodents.

Simply put, it means that CBD helped block pain and reduce inflammation during the clinical trials and did not show any signs of causing rodents building up tolerance to it. CBD plugs into a different set of receptors responsible for the side effects of fighting inflammation and pain. The great thing about CBD is that it does all that without the “high” typically associated with marijuana.

Conversely, when opioid painkillers do work, they plug into the brain’s opioid receptors. This releases a flood of “feel-good” chemicals that block pain and induce euphoria. It is responsible for the major addiction risk largely responsible for the opioid epidemic.

THC (the illegal part of marijuana) plug into a different set of receptors and this reaction is responsible for the psychoactive effects. So, simply put, hemp and CBD oil offer all the benefits that using cannabis/marijuana provides without any of the undesirable of illegal side effects.

Scientists agree that more information is still needed to discern all the possible benefits of using CBD products. However, these are some of the conditions that have already demonstrated a favorable response:

Social anxiety

Some autoimmune-related pain


Multiple Sclerosis




While not all the ailments above are related to physical pain directly, many of them may contribute or result from being in constant pain. For instance, waking up each day and hurting may lead to severe isolation and depression that may eventually lead to social anxiety.

Relief from pain helps lift a huge weight off a person’s life. The person can wake up looking forward to doing the mundane things that other people take for granted. CBD works in a different way for different people, but there’s sufficient scientifically backed evidence proving that it may help improve the quality of life for people that suffer from chronic pain.

Treating Pain as an Exact Science

Pain is something relative depending on the person experiencing it. Due to this fact, chronic pain requires a highly customized treatment plan that’s based on medical condition, severity, symptoms, and other mitigating factors.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has undertaken multiple studies that have shown cannabinoid products to be effective in treating inflammation and pain. They are not simply sponsored studies geared towards promoting products, but rather they are genuine, double-blind medical experiments following the results of CBD usage for pain relief over a period of several years.

Compared to a placebo, hemp and CBD oil have proven themselves to be viable alternative treatments for chronic pain, particularly when traditional pharmaceutical alternatives aren’t effective. This is huge news for people that have found themselves stuck taking powerful narcotic painkillers for an extended period. The body eventually develops tolerance to narcotics, but cannabinoids don’t have this problem. Cannabinoids fill different receptors in the body and reduce pain differently than traditional painkillers.

Different Types of Pain Require Different Applications

CBD products come in edible and topical forms and different types of pain require different methods of application and different dosages.


Experts advise using a topical gel that stays in place allowing the CBD to be absorbed into the affected area. This targets the medications as well as its anti-inflammatory effects. For widespread arthritis that’s related to autoimmune disorder, the immune system generally responds better if patients ingest a particular amount every day.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Studies have revealed that the best way to use CBD for treating severe pain related to MS is using an oral spray i.e. one that coats the inside of the mouth. The cheeks and mouth are two of the best ways to allow the body to absorb certain medications quickly, introducing them to the bloodstream quickly and helping them start working on the nervous system. When you are experiencing pain, you obviously don’t want to wait.


The widespread chronic pain usually requires a daily dose of CBD. The most suitable way to regulate the dosage and ensure that you get the full benefit is to take it every day, either mixed in a tincture or in pill form.

It is then possible to use additional topical gels or creams on the problematic areas. It is always important to know the amount of CBD you are ingesting; talking to a qualified CBD retailer or physician will help you create an effective dosing schedule.

Generalized Pain

Many people suffer from pain that could be cancer-related, neurological, or the result of an old injury. Depending on how severe the symptoms are, CBD products can be used externally and internally on the targeted areas. It is simply an issue of finding a combination that works great for you and adjust it to a level you are comfortable with.

Taking Back Control

Hemp and CBD oil are shaking off the stigma traditionally associated with cannabis. There isn’t any reason to accept a life in constant discomfort. CBD will help you take back your life.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to retailers and industry experts alike for information on when, how, and why to use CBD products. You might be surprised by the results.

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