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23 March 18

All About Mountain West Labs

Our Source For Supplements

If you are searching for contract manufacturing, wholesale & private label supplements, and custom formulations – welcome to Mountain West Labs – the company with your brand in mind. We specialize in excellent customer service and satisfaction as well as take pride in providing exactly what you want in a timely manner. We focus on building your brand and not just making your supplements.

Mountain West Labs is your one-stop shop for all supplements. Just give us the instructions and we will deliver the best product to you. Our team ensures that you get exactly what you need with the industry’s best lead times.

From Concept To The Final Product – At Mountain West Labs, our expert team prides themselves in manufacturing quality all-natural, sports nutrition, and cutting-edge supplements. In fact, we will help you take your supplement brand to the next level in the process. Our expert staff has extensive experience and knowledge to create tomorrow’s supplement today. We synergistically work with our customers to give them the best possible supplements in the industry.

We Are Not A Broker, But A True Supplement Manufacturer!

Mountain West Labs is a fully-certified contract supplement manufacturer operating in the United States. You will find many brokers online who claim to be supplement manufacturers. We are not like any of them. In fact, we are a true manufacturer on the market. We welcome you to come meet with us at our  manufacturing facility office near Salt Lake City. Make sure that you directly go to the manufacturer and get the highest quality supplements to build your brand.

You may start with one of our available formulas or create your own. Mountain West Labs can always help – whether you are just getting started or already selling large volumes. You are in the position to quickly meet your needs with our ready-to-go products and fully stocked warehouse of raw ingredients.

What We Do? Manufacturing – Ingredients – Wholesale – Private Label Products

Mountain West Labs can manufacture any supplement that you are looking for. Our team specializes in the sports nutrition manufacturing process with pre and post workout, fat burners, recovery, and different types of proteins. We also deal with popular nutraceuticals such as Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, CBD Oil, Energy Blends, Colon Cleansers, and more.